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Error code -80028 while update room configuration


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    Florian Scheuer

    Hi Sebastian,

    setting admin users or admin groups with API PUT /nodes/rooms/{id}/config is only possible when removing previously-enabled inheritance since in that case a situation without admin user might occur. Trying to set admin users or admin groups when enabling inheritance or keeping the current state is not possible.

    The intended API for changing permissions of users or groups is PUT /nodes/rooms/{id}/users (or .../groups respectively). You do not need to query all users/groups in advance but may provide only users/groups where permissions change (or are newly added) in the request body. This requests overwrites all previously existing permissions for that user or group but does not revoke permissions of other users or groups that are not part of that request.


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    DAVISOL - Sebastian Hübner

    Hi Florian,

    thanks for your explanations and clarifications about the PUT /nodes/rooms/{roomId}/users and ../groups routes :-)

    Basically I misunderstood the note "All existing user permissions will be overwritten." in Swagger documentation.


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