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Storage space occupied/left


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    Sascha Spiekermann

    Give the /v4/user/account API a try. It returns a customer node which contains the requested information.

     "customer": {
        "id": 0,
        "name": "string",
        "isProviderCustomer": false,
        "spaceLimit": 0,
        "spaceUsed": 0,
        "accountsLimit": 0,
        "accountsUsed": 0,
        "customerEncryptionEnabled": false,
        "cntFiles": 0,
        "cntFolders": 0,
        "cntRooms": 0
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    Florian Scheuer

    Sascha is absolutely right. :)

    Please note that the customer submodel in GET /user/account will be deprecated in the next release.

    However, you can request the customer information with the GET /user/account/customer endpoint.

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    Yes, it's exactly what I need. Thanks Sascha and Florian!

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