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Interface speed with a lot of users


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    Roland Siegert

    Dear Mr. Holmberg,

    Thank you for your comment.

    The slow view of larger item lists is a known problem with the current DRACOON web client.

    The web client is based on AngularJS, which has infamous performance issues with larger amounts of data.
    We're currently rewriting the web client based on the latest version of Angular, which should resolve the problem completely. A first release of the new web client is scheduled for November 2018.

    Until then, to mitigate the performance issues, we recommend to set a lower value for the number of items displayed on a single page by using the pager below the list (choose no more than 50 items):

    Kind regards,

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    Robert Holmberg

    Thank you Roland, for the information. It's good to know this is planned to be improved.

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