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Some questions about encryption in your API


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    Michael Netter

    Hello Mike,

    Great to hear that you are integrating DRACOON with your product. Concerning your questions:

    1) Unfortunately, FileKeys are required per user so you have to distribute FileKeys to all users of the group. If you are developing a client, a good strategy is that after uploading/moving/copying a file, you always calculate FileKeys for some users in the target room. The same goes for users that users that are browsing a room check for missing FileKeys and calculate these for some users.

    2) DRACOON offers true end-to-end encryption. Thus, decryption is only done on the client. It is not possible for the server to decrypt files.

    I hope this information was helpful to you.

    Best regards,


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    Florian Scheuer

    Hey Mike,

    Just one suggestion: We offer SDKs on GitHub that we suggest you might give a try. All crypto operations are implemented and ready to use for you.

    Best regards

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