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OAuth 2.0 Client Registration and usage


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    Ramona Schreier

    Hello Matthew,

    could you please provide us with the server URL you are using? In case of our public cloud ( we will configure the OAuth client for you. We are currently working on self-service for it.

    Best regards


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    Matthew Kelliher

    I am currently using the WebUI on "", so I believe we will need you to configure it for us. I have a few more questions, then.

    1. Could you please tell me somewhere where I can privately submit a request for the OAuth registration?
    2. Does your OAuth system support multiple "redirectUrl"s for a single OAuth client? We currently have multiple clusters on multiple domains and we will need to allow for different a "redirectUrl" for each domain. If you only allow a single redirectUrl per app, would you be able to configure multiple OAuth clients (one for each domain)?
    3. Once the client is configured, will I at least be able to view the configuration on the Web UI?
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    Ramona Schreier

    Of course, we will configure it for you.

    1. Please send us an email to with the following information:

    • Application Name
    • Application Description
    • Publisher Name
    • Publisher Website
    • Publisher Contact Email Address
    • Desired Grant Type. One of
      • Authorization Code
      • Implicit
    • Redirect URIs

    After the registration, we will provide you with the OAuth ClientID and OAuth ClientSecret.

    2. Yes, our system supports multiple Redirect URIs for a single OAuth client. Please provide a list of Redirect URIs (see 1.).

    3. Unfortunately, at this time viewing the configuration is not possible for customers or third parties. We are working on a self-service-portal that will make it possible to view and manage the OAuth configuration without assistance from us. We will announce the availability of this on our blog at and in our community forums.

    I hope that I was able to answer your question. If there is anything else, please feel free to respond to this thread.

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